Specialized in functional chemical industry, Dongguan DongHua New Materials Co., Ltd is a comprehensive 

plastform incorporating chemical development, agency and vendition.We focus on products in industrial and consumer goods field.

     Industrial field includes UV-curing field, (like Photo initiator, resin,monomer), epoxy, organosilicon, flame retardancy, 

and specialty additive.Consumer goods field includes cosmetics level silicone oil, different types of functional ingredients.

     With years of continues effort and professionals in relevant industries, Dong-Hua could provide customers with innovative high quality products and professional technical support. 

     Under DongHua's concept of ' Expertise/Innovation/Value Creation ' , we are dedicated to satisfy customers with synthesis / formulation,  state-of-the-art chemi-cals and new applications.DongHua is not only a coordinator between customer and supplier, but also a solution provider and demand solver.

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