Application case

  • PCB industry

    Photo initiator with high sensitivity for dry-film
    Oxyethylated/ropoxylated acrylate monomer for dry-film
    Photo-imageable resist/oligomer for PCB
    Specialty oligomer for high frequency/high speed CCL

  • Semiconductor industry

    Epoxy oligomer and curing catalyst for semiconductor assembly
    Photo resist and PAG for semiconductor

  • Cosmetics

    Piezo materials
    Ultrasonic identification
    Film speaker
    Flexible force sensor
    Proximity sensor

  • Rapid prototyping industry

    Low viscosity/low cubical contraction for UV-curing 3D printing
    Reactive/low viscosity/high conversion ratio monomer
    Initiator for cationic-curing

  • LED industry

    High reflcetion phenyl organosilicon for LED assembly adhesive
    Organosilicon monomer with low ion/halogen concentration

  • LCD industry

    High reflection monomer and oligomer for BEF
    High sensitivity Photo initiator for CF
    Acrylate and epoxy for LC sealant

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